Sylvester, True Tales II

Posted: December 14, 2016 in Sylvester, True Tales

From One House to Another…

It didn’t take long before the humans noticed the addition of a new cat to the household. This surprised him. There were five other cats and a couple dogs already living there when he snuck in. He was the smallest of them all so he had felt certain he would escape notice. The humans were more attentive than he had guessed and it hadn’t even been a day before the first one found him.

It didn’t end up being a bad thing. He still got the food, water, and shelter he had wanted. Their knowledge of his existence added petting, carrying, and cuddling to his day. He got to play with the other cats, except for the mean one with the squished-in face but nobody played with her. The dogs were friendly and happy to play as well, one was gigantic and the other was smaller than the big gray cat he had seen the other day. The humans would also play with him but mostly they existed for food and pettings.

The humans also provided him with one more thing: a name, Sylvester.

Sylvester. It had a nice ring to it. He could live with it.

The human colony didn’t strike him as being very stable. There was a core group of four but overall a larger number seemed to come and go on a constant basis. Some were kind, some were too rough, but none of them stayed around for long.

One of the transient humans was of particular interest to him. It was a male human whose face was covered in a short, dark fur. He’d come over a few times to use the loud machines in the basement and each time he would allow Sylvester to explore the insides. That was what the little cat enjoyed the most, the examination of these loud devices. Any loud thing actually, natural or unnatural, held a fascination for him.

The human would pick him up and hold him close. He would chatter on while he stroked the relaxed kitten. Sylvester was relaxed, the warmth of the man’s arms and the gentle rubbing of his back would have him purring louder than the machines. He could close his eyes and feel safe as the human continued to talk softly to him. When he was finished relaxing they would wrestle, Sylvester would lay on his back while the human rubbed his belly. The young cat would bite and gnaw at the hand while the rubbing never stopped. It was great fun and the human had no issues with how hard Sylvester bit.

It always came to an end. The human would leave and Sylvester would be left with the cats, the dogs, and the core people.

His life was idyllic. He had shelter from the elements, warmth and safety at night. Food and water were readily available. He had companionship and playmates as often as he desired.

He still missed his mother. He couldn’t remember much about his siblings but there were still some memories of his mother hanging around. They were mere impressions, the details had long fled from his memory. He remembered the comfort brought on by nursing, kneading his mother with his tiny paws, the world filled by purring and delicious milk. The warmth of his litter-mates beside him and the overwhelming sound of purring made it feel like time was standing still. Those times were lost to him now but the memories were still there.

This respite from the hardship of life alone was broken without warning. One day he found himself locked in a box, the world moving oddly beneath him as he was brought to a strange place with foreign smells and strange people. The strange people did something to him that made him fall asleep. When he woke up he was still in the cage except now there was a pain on his stomach. He could hear other cats yowling nearby and even some nervous barking from dogs. He yowled a few times in pain and frustration before settling down to wait.

There was a barred opening at one end of the box that provided his only view of the outside world. The strange smell and the frightful crying of the other animals was unnerving. He didn’t know what was going on and the view from the box didn’t make anything clearer. There was not anything he could do at the moment so he settled in and prepared to wait.

He had no way to determine how long it was that he waited, it felt like an eternity before the box started to move. He was brought into a device where the box was put down once again. A loud rumble erupted and it felt like the world was being moved around him again. He cried out loud, sounding his discomfort. The motion made him feel sick and he just wanted it to stop.

It did stop and he found himself looking through the barred opening and into the scruffy face of the friendly human. Sylvester could hear him chattering as they looked at each other but the little cat was too confused by his situation. Outside of the human nothing he could see out of the box seemed familiar. What was happening to him? He lost sight of the human and the box started moving toward a large building.

He felt the box rest on the floor and heard a door click shut behind him. He could smell another cat in the room, one he wasn’t familiar with. There didn’t seem to be any other animals he could detect. This day had been odd and traumatic. He was sore and a bit sick. His nerves were raw and he felt an edge.

He watched the gate to the box open in front of him. It seemed that he was going to be allowed to wander. Time to get out of this crate. He slowly crawled toward the opening, he was unsure of what was out there but was positive he wanted to be free of the cage. Freedom was just a few cautious steps away. He was almost there.

A giant, solid black cat’s head popped into the carrier just millimetres in front of his face. This unexpected appearance broke what little bit of calm he had and reacted out of pure instinct. He hissed, he spit, he hoped to make himself seem more dangerous than his small frame looked. It worked, the cat’s head vanished and left the box opening clear.

Sylvester slowly crawled free of the plastic prison. His display of aggression had him feeling bolder. The black cat had backed off and he was now free of his cage. He gave a little growl of warning as the black cat made a step in his direction and relaxed as the larger cat backed away and let him proceed with his exploration.

He was feeling calmer now. The other cat had shown a willingness to respect his boundaries and just watched him attentively with bright yellow eyes. The human was around but he wasn’t trying to force them together. He had found the litter box and food rather easily and he had tested what was on offer. It was good stuff, he approved.

He was no ready to meet this new feline.

He approached the black cat and was surprised when he pulled away from him. The older cat seemed a little skittish now, had he been too ferocious when they first met?

Sylvester raised his tail pointing it toward the roof, pressed his nose forward and moved toward the other cat. He was trying to present as friendly a pose as possible and it seemed to have worked. The other cat moved to investigate him, the eagerness before was dimmed but the curiosity was alive. It wasn’t long before they were sniffing each other. He seemed very friendly.

The day had taken another turn and it seemed like things had become good again.


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