Sylvester, True Tales III

Posted: January 8, 2017 in Sylvester, True Tales
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A Short Exile…

He was relaxed today, the young cat who went by the name Sylvester. He had settled in with his new family over the last few weeks. Food was plentiful and left out so he could eat when he chose. The human provided scrumptious, crunchy treats almost every time the black cat demanded. Toys were available when the black cat or human weren’t willing to play. The place was filled with caves and high spots decked out for cat comfort. There were almost no places he couldn’t explore.

The first few days had been exciting. After the initial nervousness had passed the larger black cat, whose name was Panther, turned out to be rather cool. Panther was willing to wrestle, he always approached each session as if it was an epic life-and-death struggle and yet, despite the displays of teeth and claw, always managed to have a feather-light touch. Panther was also willing to give his all when it came to racing through the apartment making each chase a heart-pounding event.

It hadn’t taken him long to determine the power structure within his new community. It would have been fairly obvious even to the most oblivious of observers; Panther would enter a room, issue a demand, and the human would rush to fill it. Treats, canned food, human food, all of it flowed when the black cat demanded it and Sylvester benefited just by being nearby. The human cleaned up after them, provided toys and entertainment, and made sure there were comfortable spots for napping. The human was obviously the servant which made Panther the one to befriend.

This turned out to be simple enough to do. From the first moment he had been brought into the home, before he’d even been allowed out of the carrier, the older black cat had been fascinated by him. Initially this interest was a shock but after Sylvester had gotten his initial read of his environment this turned into a blessing. They developed a near instant, inseparable connection to each other. They did almost everything together. Panther even took him under his wing and taught him how to properly use a litter box. The only thing Panther wouldn’t do was allow him to curl up beside him to nap. The human seemed to enjoy Sylvester napping on him so that became their thing.

Then one day, a couple weeks after he had arrived, he found himself packed into the carrier he had originally arrived in. Sylvester found himself shipped back to the house of cats where he then spent a night in abject misery. He did not like being separated from Panther and the human. He was unsure what he had done to be sent away from the place he called home. The night of exile felt cold and long.

The next day saw him packed into the crate and delivered to the sterile smelling room once again. He could hear the wailing of other cats and the whimpering of dogs all around him. He could see nothing through the gate of his prison but the sounds unnerved him and put him on edge. Aside from a few cries when the panic overwhelmed him, Sylvester kept quiet and hunkered down to await his fate.

He didn’t like this place and was tired of finding himself here. Between the unnatural smell and the horrific sounds his nerves were raw. His instincts told him to bolt but he was trapped in the box with no means of escape. He wanted to lash out and fight but there was no enemy to sink his teeth into. All he could do was wait, he was not good at waiting.

He waited with as much calmness and patience as he could summon. Eventually the strange people came, as they always did when he was trapped in this place, and poked him with their strange claw. He immediately started to feel sick in his stomach. He closed his eyes as he felt the crate start to move. He stayed as still as he could manage, the entirety of his focus was on not vomiting during the journey. It was a battle he would not win.

He heard a familiar voice after the bumpy movement ceased. There was a gentle soothing tone to the speech, almost calming in its familiarity. Sylvester opened his eyes to see the face of his human peering at him through the bars of the gate. Some more gentle noises were uttered by the human and then his face withdrew. Sylvester felt the crate start to move again and he allowed himself to relax; he was home again!

He didn’t know what he had done wrong or why he had been sent away but now that he was back things were going to be different. This human seemed to have a concern for him, maybe even an affection. He couldn’t understand any of the human’s noises but the human was willing to share a home with him and that was something worth keeping.

Sylvester dragged himself out of the carrier as soon as the gate was opened. Despite the sickness and the excruciating pain he felt he was not about to stay in that portable cell one second longer than he had too. He had had enough of that travelling box for a while.

Panther pressed his nose against Sylvester as the little cat pulled himself clear of the box. There was a warmth and tenderness to the action. The older cat was happy at the return of his friend but was concerned by the youngster’s lethargy. Sylvester was gladdened by the display of concern. He was back among his family and had missed them greatly. The larger cat backed off after performing this check to give Sylvester a chance to rest. Panther would repeat this check throughout the evening, it would only end after the kitten’s energy levels had returned and they could play again.

He had decided that he was going to pay more attention to the human. Sylvester hoped that that would prevent a reoccurrence of this banishment. Temporary though it had been he had no desire to experience it again. He dragged himself over to where the human sat on the couch and curled up at his feet. The cat would have preferred to be on the couch with the human but the jump was beyond him at that time. He slept as much as he could that evening his only action taken was to keep himself within paws’ reach of the human. He followed the human around the apartment as best as his body would allow. He was determined not to let the human out of his sight again.

From that day forward Sylvester spent more time with the human. His preference was still to spend his days chasing Panther through the apartment or wrestling together like ancient Greek demigods, but he now spent the periods Panther was napping either sleeping or playing with the human.

He would curl his front legs onto the human’s thigh, rest his head on his paws, and stare lazily into the human’s eyes. The human would respond by stroking his fur from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. The little cat would always break into a purr, no matter how hard he tried to resist it would always happen. He would then find himself unable to keep his eyes open and would slowly drift off to sleep secure in this human’s presence.


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