Panther, True Tales VI

Posted: March 27, 2017 in Panther, True Tales
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A Familiar Routine

We followed our usual routine of waking up the next morning, if you consider three AM to be morning. Not that I am complaining, I disliked a lot about my job but having the same schedule every day was one of the few positives it had. There is something peaceful about the world at that time of day, the journey between bed and work was often the best part of my day.

Until Panther entered my world, that is. All of the best parts of my days revolved around my new feline roommate. Whether it was the morning ritual of chin rubs and licks peppered by his musical purrs or the return home ritual of chin rubs and licks accompanied by some sing-song purring my heart and mind always dreamed of us being together. When we were apart I was constantly distracted by thoughts of him; I worried about his day, I wondered if he had enough to keep him from becoming bored.

Not that everything was perfect between us.

I hated having to close him up in his tiny room before I left for work in the morning but the idea of chasing him through the building’s hallways was not appealing. In the short time he had been with me he had made an attempt to bolt out the front door every single time it had been opened. He was determined to have access to the corridor and obsessed with getting beyond every closed door he encountered. Which meant he had to be closed up so I could make it out to my cab and pay our rent.

I knew my human roommate would allow him out for a bit prior to going to work so the cat wouldn’t be completely cut off from the bulk of the apartment. Still, a perfect world would have him free to roam the apartment when he was home alone. We don’t live in a perfect world but it was my intention to get our apartment as close to the perfect ideal as possible.

The work day dragged on, I wanted to be home with Panther and not at work slaving away for the benefit of a heartless corporation and uncaring customers. My job was primarily to unpack poorly stacked skids of pet supplies to fill our chronically empty shelves. These shelves were empty because we were only ever sent product that didn’t sell and only rarely the product customers wanted. To the customers and head office this was always the fault of the early morning stockers and not the distribution division. By the time my shift was over I was always relieved to go home.

I was tired and distracted when I arrived at my apartment building. My day had been spent worrying about my newest roommate and cataloguing my options for the future. I had been doing the pet supply thing for around three months at this point and I had still not managed to attach myself to the job. I am the type of man who feels very much that what I do is important to who I am. My identity is not defined by my job but being passionate about what I do is important to my well being. I didn’t have that where I currently worked and it seemed unlikely that it would ever develop.

The first indication I received about where I was was the black streak that exploded out of the apartment as I opened the door. My roommate had left Panther out again, I was really going to have to ask my roommate how he was managing to exit the apartment while the cat was running free.

The fire doors at both ends of the hall were, thankfully, closed which kept Panther contained and reduced the potential for his escape. I just needed to scoop him up and carry him back to our home. Easier said than done.

Panther had escaped from his prison and was determined not to go back. Back and forth he ran, expertly dodging my attempts to grab him as he bounced between doors. He seemed intent on catching one of the doors open but luck didn’t seem to want to favour him. Sure he had managed to escape through the cell door but he was still trapped in the prison building and the guard was right behind him. It was a valiant attempt to regain his freedom but ultimately it would not succeed.

After a handful of failed attempts I managed to scoop the wily black cat up into my arms. I held him close and stroked his back with one hand, my heart was pumping from the chase and the fear of losing him.

That was a poor choice, buddy,” I whispered to him.

I kissed the top of his head to take some of the sting out of my words. He offered purrs, chin rubs and licks as an apology. All was forgiven and peace achieved between man and cat as we returned to our shared home.

We settled on a routine for us on my return home from work early on in our relationship. He would attempt to escape when I opened the door and I would snatch him up and hold him as we greeted each other with pats and kisses. I would then give him a small can of wet food, Fancy Feast was his preference, that he would obsessively devour. There would be about half an hour of chasing the bat symbol up and down the walls, far too short a period for Panther but more than long enough for me. There would be some bird or squirrel watching and cuddling together at the window and then we’d separate and do our own thing. There would be some getting together for treats and cuddles but mostly we’d do our own thing until bedtime where he’d curl up at my feet to sleep until morning.

A second escape attempt would be made when our roommate returned from work. This normally took place around ten PM just as I was drifting off to sleep. I tried to keep an eye and an ear on the door as I waited on the couch. I would watch him for any sign of excitement, he seemed to know long before I did when my roommate was in the building. As soon as he ran to the door I would grab him, if I was home he would never make it out the door.

He had his own process with his other human roommate. Panther would sit all prim and proper at the entrance to the kitchen. He would sit patiently watching our roommate prepare dinner and quietly keep him company. When my roommate was finished in the kitchen he’d reach down and briefly tussle the top of Panther’s head with his fingers. The cat seemed to love it, he’d push his head up against the fingers with what seemed like a massive grin on his face. They would part ways after that, the human would go to his room while the feline would settle in for the night at my feet. We would drift off to sleep and awake together to relive the cycle all over again the next day.


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